The Western landscape has captivated the hearts of Americans and others over time. The expansive topography that dominates
the territory encapsulates the allure that defines core American ideologies. Cinema, habitual media and commercial industries use
the seduction of the Western landscape to sell, define and project a merit of social status. In the name of progress, the topography
is constantly changing and shedding its layers to suit the conditional needs of humanity. Employing some of the tactics of
cinema that have been used to describe the landscape, A Golden State questions the relationship of prescriptive identity to place.

The special edition of the book comes in an edition of 10 with a clamshell box and certificate of authenticty. The
cover for the book itself uses the same cloth as the box with the addition of petrefied sediment that was excivated
from the site of the largest accidental oil spill in history, the Lakeview Gusher in Kern County, CA. The petrified
sediment was ground down, made into a pigment & applied to each individual book cover. Each cover has a unique
pattern from the amount of sediement that has been used. Every book was produced and assembeled by the artist.

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